Importance of supply chain consulting in India

In the era of fierce competition, escalating costs, pandemic aftermath, and reduced efficiency, it is critical for businesses to remain on top of their game from manufacturing till the final delivery to ensure supply is well- synchronised with any change in demand across their supply chain in a timely, yet efficient manner.

Owing to the dynamic nature of the Indian economy & the industry, it becomes extremely difficult for the companies to concentrate on production, product-design, targeting, segmentation & promotion and at the same time, also maintain harmony in the distribution of their product lines.

Businesses and product-based enterprises face supply chain challenges and need apt solutions and consultancy for overcoming the logistics and supply chain bottlenecks. An efficient Logistics and supply chain model plays a pivotal role for the success of any company by channelising its products and making them available to the customers, at the right place and at right time at a cost, & reduces its overall logistics costs. Logistics costs include not just transportation costs which contribute as one of the component but also include warehousing costs, inventory costs, handling costs, insurance costs and many more. To build an efficient logistics and supply chain model, it requires careful and deep analysis of the historic data, vision of the company and also needs consideration of the company’s philosophy and understanding of supply chain’s deliverables.

To overcome supply chain hassles, MNCs and even small businesses that are moving to an e-commerce model, are now looking to outsource supply chain consulting and solutions ranging from order procurement to warehousing, inventory management & finally dispatch of orders to their distribution channels, to an expert & reliable logistics service provider in order to meet their customers’ demand across their supply chain, & yet have complete control on their distribution timelines and costs.

India has a multitude of cultures, geographies, and climate. The Indian logistics industry is constantly impacted by external operating environment including infrastructure, roads, geographies, fuel, freight, transportation costs, GST compliance etc., which continue to change and pose challenges to the smooth operations & drive-up logistics costs every now and then

Amid the roadblocks and such complexities, taking professional support from a supply chain consultant can play a pivotal role in the growth and development of the organisation, help in reducing costs and hence, making the organisation more competitive in the industry. Safexpress, one of the fastest and largest logistics and supply chain management companies in India has been in the industry for more than two decades and is constantly engaged in overcoming all logistics bottlenecks with its teams of proficient consultants across the country.

Safexpress has a combination of comprehensive knowledge of best practices and more than 24 years of experience across multiple verticals with insightful knowledge of diverse localities and geographies of India that enables it to provide best quality service and logistics assistance to the businesses. Safexpress offers specialised consulting services tailored to the needs of customers that are targeted to strengthen the end-to-end logistics performance of their supply chains, meeting the supply chain deliverable of ‘time to market’ by offering time-definite, door-to-door express distribution services, lowering their overall costs and enhancing their overall experience.

It also provides a spectrum of supply chain solutions specially catered for B2B, B2C and C2C businesses and customers with a presence and reach to all 31085 pincodes of India. It facilitates the delivery operations through its established infrastructure and network strengths that includes 61 state-of-the-art logistics parks, 650 gateways and more than 7500 GPS-enabled and containerised vehicles in a time-definite and quality-conscious manner. Safexpress operates on its regular, direct 1854 routes where a route departs every 46th second & the entire network is functional 24 x 7 x 365 days to ensure fastest deliveries with shortest transit times & provide highest levels of Service Level Efficiencies of more than 95% over the years. It has been a continuous endeavour of Safexpress to keep upgrading its network and strengths for providing value-added and highest quality services to its customers.

To ensure seamless visibility of the real-time information across the involved entities in a supply chain, Safexpress is driven by tech-enabled operations that channelise tracking of all waybills from pick-up till delivery. This creates an integrated flow of information across the supply chains that is extremely critical to make supply chains more responsive, leaner and increasingly efficient to meet the real demand. This has a direct impact on lowering the overall costs of logistics and providing a competitive edge in the market to the companies.

The ideal goal of a resilient supply chain consulting is to minimize the negative impacts of the challenges and disruptions on revenues, costs and customers and maximise the profitability, product value, brand equity and customer base.

Supply Chain Management has become a dire need for companies who want to make a mark in the industry. Established and well-known supply chain consultants like Safexpress can help enterprises create and manage high-performing, resilient supply chains that drive sustained, profitable growth, even in the face of sudden, dramatic change without causing any drastic fiscal impact.

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