Why should you hire a reliable logistics partner when planning to relocate?

Do you have transferable jobs or transferable jobs bother you? If yes, then you must be careful and critically consider a reliable logistics provider for moving your material. This work may drive you crazy, notwithstanding how difficult it is. Moving to a new location sounds thrilling, but how smoothly you can organize and carry out a relocation of your household belongings safely, either inside a city or from one city to another, remains an open topic.

Believe it or not, moving your household goods may be a difficult chore. You need to have a thorough strategy in place, measure the items and boxes, transport them safely and quickly, and then have them delivered like a team of experts.

Sometimes you might not want to spend the extra money on moving services to pack your home items and would rather want to save the money by doing it yourself, but this can be laborious.

To send your items to any city or campus without issue, we are putting out a few things you should think about before you start packing and why should you use Safexpress as your reliable logistics partner, once you have packed your stuff and want to move it to the destined location?

  • Listing all your goods and putting everything together
  • Checking if you would require a carpenter or an electrician to disassemble any material?
  • Consider how many cartons etc. is already available and what other packing materials will be required
  • Organising all the goods in such a manner that can be transported without getting them broken
  • Measuring your goods and the packaging to ensure you are not cheated by your transporter
  • Noting down the list of all sensitive or fragile items that may need special packing

Hiring a trusted and professional moving partner like Safexpress will leave you relaxed and stress-free. We will take care of all your hassles – right from providing the packing material, experienced handlers, measuring equipment, etc. along with ensuring a safe, express, and cost-effective door-to-door delivery, from anywhere to anywhere in India.

Packing yourself VS Packing through movers

No matter how much you plan, you might occasionally feel irritated. You must exercise patience in order to complete the difficult process correctly. Packing is a real stuff – starting from fragile items to heavier items like fridge or washing machine, it is a long procedure and requires a lot of practice before you start on it.

Instead, we would recommend you call any logistics expert for all your packaging solutions and effortless shifting.

You may book the shipment through Safexpress for a hassle-free logistics service if your need fits into any of the given service type:

  1. Campus2Home: ‘Campus2Home’ is a specialized service for graduating students, for an effortless shifting of their belongings. Safexpress provides a unique 20 kg-capacity Campus2Home Box free of cost. The service offers pickup from the student’s dorm room, and delivery at their homes.
  2. Easy2Move: If you are relocating to another city and wondering how to book excess baggage, then your search ends here. Simply, book your excess baggage with Safexpress using its Easy2Move service to get hassle-free door pickup and door delivery. We provide free good quality carton box, poly pack, tape etc. for packing.
  3. Sainik Express: Safexpress serves the typical logistics needs of the Indian defence personnel by offering specialized door-step baggage delivery services to them across India while they take care of our nation’s safety.

For bookings, call us at 1800113113 or visit http://www.safexpress.com

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